The Gambiteers Guild

The Players

Gary Ruben
Karsten Fyhn
Win van Vugt
Gary Good

Gary Ruben
"The Woodsman"


Karsten Fyhn
"The Great Viking"


Wim van Vugt
"De Vliegende Hollander"
("The Flying Dutchman")
Team Captain


Gary Good
"Der Geezer Gambiteer"


Age: 62
Born in: Manitoba, Canada, 1942
Living in: Pickering, Ontario, Canada
Private: Married, two sons, one daughter and one granddaughter
Occupation: Retired

Chess activities currently: ICCF Tournament Director and International CC Arbiter; Canadian CC National Master.
Chess activities formerly: period of years from mid 70's to 80's: Canadian CC Association Vice-President, Editor of the Association publication, Membership Secretary, Tournament Director.
Formerly OTB: Twice President Scarborough Chess Club '70's and previously Vice-President; former Director of Canadian Federation of Chess; former Secretary Ontario Chess Association.
Somewhere along the line I learned to play a little bit of chess.

Age: 39
Born in: Esbjerg (DK), 1965
Living in: Sønderborg
Private: Single
Occupation: Software developer, Siemens Flow Instruments A/S

I play OTB chess in Skakklubben Alssund where I am the webmaster and member of the committee. I play frequently in OTB tournaments. In CC I am member of the Danish CC committee where I am organizing international friendly team matches for Denmark. I currently play in the Chess Mail ICCF-Webchess Inauguration tournament and in a few teammatches. My best result so far is 5th place in the 2002 Danish Championship. My personal homepage is

Age: 55
Born in: Dordrecht (NL), 1949
Living in: Diemen, close to Amsterdam
Private: Married, one daughter
Occupation: Teacher at Polytechnic Institute, Chemical Engineering

I have been playing OTB chess in a large Amsterdam chess club since about 30 years, most of the time at the top level. I never participated in any tournaments like municipal championships or open tournaments due to a severe lack of time. Within ICCF I have played in many theme tournaments since about 20 years, with a more than satisfactory result. This brought me a deeper understanding of many openings from the viewpoint of both the white and black pieces. Some of them are well-known gambits, some are not but often can be turned into a gambit with phantasy and imagination. Last two years I started to play in other CC tournaments as well, such as the ICCF Champions League or the IECG Cup.

Age: 64
Born in: Lancaster County, PA, USA, 1940
Living in: Cornwall, near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Private: Married, 3 sons.
Occupation: Retired High School Mathematics Teacher

I've been playing CC since 1960, and results of late have not been "GOOD". No titles or title norms have been achieved thus far, however several "abnorms" have been won, most notably in the recent 13th US CC Championship Finals. I have in the past been accused of having the title of "Official Court Jester at TCCMB". The only title I can truly claim is that of Grand OYA of The Gambiteers Guild, a title I usurped by devious means.


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