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26/11-08 Champions League, Season 3
In the third season of the Champions League, The Gambiteers Guild plays in level C, Group 2.
Champions League 2007 C Group 2

In this season we have a new player, Chris Champion on first board, replacing Gary Ruben who have retired from the team. So this season our team is like this:
1. Board: Chris Champion
2. Board: Karsten Fyhn
3. Board: Wim van Vugt
4. Board: Gary Good

The season is coming to an end and the result is that we have 15.5 points in 37 games, 3 games remaining.

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Chess Pieces The Mission     

What are we doing, for whom and how?

The Gambiteers Guild is a multinational group of correspondence players, actively committing themselves in all kinds of interesting discussions using our humour, be it serious or even trash talk, and have thus found each other on TCCMB. The Guild promotes friendship by chess for all communities by being the ultimate examples themselves and will continuously show how sportive ways of chess playing and competitive struggle are closely related by bringing to the light a daring and imaginative playing style, as can be found in numerous gambits of which chess theory has been enriched during so many centuries.

The final creed is:
Only those who dare deserve glory!


Chess King  The Players     

Canada Denmark Netherlands USA

Gary Ruben - The Woodsman
Karsten Fyhn - The Great Viking
Wim van Vugt - De Vliegende Hollander
Gary Good - Der Geezer Gambiteer

The Players

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